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Mother-Helper or Live-In Helper

In Singapore, the only live-in options is to hire the nanny or helper from Philippines. NannyPro since 2004, has extended our suite of services to include the placement of helpers. We have successful placed qualified live-in helper with Singaporean and expat families. We are operating under the License no : 08C472 with Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and accredited with the Philippines Embassy for the placement process.

What is a live-in helper or frequently called as foreign domestic helper (FDW) in Singapore?

A live-in helper is exactly what it sounds like: who lives in your home on a 24/07 basis. This individual provides care for your child or children during an agreed upon set of hours. In return, you provide a place to live and a salary.  This salary is typically less than a”live-out” nanny because you pay for the nanny’s room and board. This employment contract period is for usually for 2 years and a legalized hiring process. You are the direct employer of the helper. She work exclusively for your family and not allowed to work with another family. As an employer ,  you undertake to care for the helper during her employment with your family.

What is the procedure of hire?

As the helpers are based in their home country, NannyPro will ensure the pre-qualified criterias are met eg medical fit, passport ready and attend all the relevant course. All the helpers will compiled to all the hiring procedures. It will be a one-stop hassle-free procedures from the client’s perspective. We will manage from screening, interviewing, confirmation, application to arrival of the helpers.

NannyPro will provide home-services consultation to parent’s upon the confirmation of a helper.

What is the typical waiting timeframe?

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, from the reviewing of the profiles to expected arrival of helper, the average timeline takes about 12 to 16 weeks.

What is the cost of hiring?

There is a one-time service package for hiring. Please download NP Live-In Package 2020 Covid.

The monthly costs including the helper’s salary, foreign worker’s levy, food and lodging will work out to be about S$1,000. This will be subjected to the family living lifestyle.

Live-in Helper Scope of Duties.

The helper’s job will depend upon the needs of the family they work for, the  primary responsibilities are outlined below

  • a. Complete Housekeeping Tasks

    One of the main duties is providing regular housekeeping. This may include sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, laundry and cleaning dishes. They may also be asked to prepare some or all of the family meals.

  • b. Caregiving role

    care to small children or elderly members of the family. This may encompass a large amount of duties from helping them to bathe and dress to ensuring they take their daily medications. Some Live-in are hired primarily to perform these duties.

    If you are keen to find out the live-in helper option and procedure, do contact us to understand more.

For more information with the MOM

Hiring a FDW :

Agency Detail : Do search for NannyPro  : Ministry Of Manpower Directory

Do call or send in your email enquiry to request for a quote or to understand the process better.

For our updated 2020 Covid-19 Package, Do download NP Live-In Package 2020 Covid