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From the beginning, it was clear that Nanny Eva brought with her a wealth of experience in infant care, and her caregiving style was suited to our preference. She took to instructions very well and additionally displayed initiative in caring for Ellis. Seeing as we were working parents, she also went above and beyond to help us out in some of our household chores on her own accord. The fact that our baby (who was/is going through a phase of separation / stranger anxiety) took to Nanny Eva so well is a testament of her ability as a Nanny.

Mummy Elenor P.

We are so grateful for having you in our lives especially in Pancho's one. We don't have words to express how lucky we were. We will miss you a lot, but we are sure we would meet again.

Mummy Florencia

As first time parents and living away from our home country, we were very nervous about child care options. Nanny Helen has enabled us to feel truly comfortable as we know our daughter is in great hands. Helen is trustworthy, truly enjoys being with children and proactive. She’s helped my husband and I navigate these early years through her experience and openness to help. We can’t recommend her enough and are genuinely sad to have to end this care arrangement. Helen is extremely engaged with Robin - this has allowed them to build a strong, trusting relationship. I feel that Helen enjoys spending time with Robin which puts us at ease.

Mummy Beth H.

Irene has been an excellent nanny who genuinely cares for our baby and makes every effort to care for him. She also communicates well with us and works in partnership for the care of the baby. We recommend her very highly. Very approachable and also established rapport with baby and parents quickly. We are very grateful for Irene and highly commend her for being an excellent nanny.

Goh Yihan

Nanny Shannon is an extraordinary person. She has worked wonders with Jaden, she was able to make Jaden trust her. I think it was all because Nanny Shannon treats Jaden like her own. Jaden could feel Nanny Shannon's love and concern. I am forever grateful to her because she had helped me in countless ways. Not only does she takes care of my Jaden, she also takes care of me. 😀 Thanks sooo much Nanny Shannon! 😀

Mummy Jasmin

I’m using NannyPro services for a month now and very happy with their services.I have a full time nanny who adores my baby girl and takes care of her with so much passion and love. I can now go to work with peace of mind knowing my girl is in trustworthy hands. Definitely recommend NannyPro to whoever looking for professional help with their kids.

Mummy Irani P.

We were blessed to have nanny Pinky take care of our 8 month old. She is the next generation nanny, more professional, more knowledgeable, more respectful. A genuine heart for children and caring for them. Would highly recommend her and Nanny PRO.

Daddy Eddie W.

Our family used NannyPro for a last minute babysitting services for 4 days and really enjoyed having the extra help. The nanny was kind, helpful, and professional. We will definitely be using the service again.

Mummy Jade W.

I would like to compliment Nannypro for all the good service provided, especially sending us a good Educarer Ms Sandra, she is patience, caring and good teaching skill. Thank you

Mr Toh

Sharon is a gem of a nanny. I was a little skeptical at first but at Becky's urging, gave her a shot. Boy did Becky proved me wrong ... Sharon is probably one of the most patient nanny with my pair of twin, making sure to take care of them as her own. She is a lovely person - she really made an impact on our lives. Thank you NannyPro

Daddy Kevin M.

Helen has been the perfect Nanny for our two children. The way she interacts with both the kids and us as parents is outstanding. She is incredibly creative in planning activities with the kids and our kids just see her as part of the family. She has so quickly gained our trust in being with them on her own. We can highly recommend Helen for assignments as Nanny.

Daddy Matthias P.

Nanny Bee Har is generally quite easygoing. She does the baby chores in a neat and tidy manner. Best of all, she fully engages my baby when he is awake with her and is patient and kind to him. I have a peace of mind when I leave him with her and go to work.

Mummy Rui Xuan

Alice was amazing! She constantly engaged with Noé and managed to keep him busy with many interesting activities the whole time and on a long period (9-2). And this is not a small task! She also always teach him good manners. Noé loved his time with her and always liked to see her. Alice is too young to be a grandmother but I would love Noé to have has such grandmother!! We were both able to work whenever Alice was here. On a separate note during the circuit breaker we have found little to no help for our small family and NannyPro and Alice were the only few who have helped us carry our burden during that difficult time. Without you we would have absolutely no rest. And without you Kristine most likely would have had to completely stop working and serve hospital with her service. So our small family is really grateful to you and Alice!

Mummy Kris

Becky and team are thorough, efficient and well versed in understanding the respective needs of their clients. They also make sure that your home is the right match for what the nanny may be looking for to reduce the risk of a mismatch. It helps if you can be specific with your needs and what you don’t want so they can be clear right from the start. I have to say they were quick to help identify someone that would fit well with our family’s needs and well suited for our 5 month old baby boy. Having a loving, caring, smart and genuine pair of hands to care for your baby is a blessing in so many ways for a mommy going back to work full time. So thank you for helping us find a lovely nanny and making the transition back to work less stressful for Mommy :)!!!

Mummy Sarah W.

We are very thankful to Nannypro for handling our urgent nanny request promptly and careful selection of nannies to meet our strigent requirements. We are impressed with our nanny Sharon. She is very attentive to our kid's needs and bonds well with him. You need well trained nannies, please look for Nannypro.

Daddy Chea Wan

NannyPro is a great company! They made the whole process of selecting a nanny for our daughter very straightforward and transparent, and the customer service representatives are always very responsive to our questions. The prices they offer are also very competitive with other nanny services and day care centers, and they offer a wide range of options for families. We have had Nanny Eva watch our 1-year-old daughter 3 days a week for the past two months at our home. She is wonderful and our daughter loves her! She is very attentive, patient, and caring. She works very hard to make sure our daughter is well taken care of. We highly recommend NannyPro to anyone looking for childcare services in Singapore.

Jessica M

Was hesitant to hire a nanny for the longest time especially since we don’t have any friends or family members who used this service. But I was really fortunate to find Becky. She was efficient to recommend a good nanny. Nanny was really good with kids. Whenever the kids nap, she takes the initiative to help around the house. I’m so glad that we had such a wonderful experience!

Mummy Lydia Lee

Our daughter had a nanny from NannyPro, Emma. When I asked if she liked the nanny, my daughter shouted:”she is suuuper!!!!”. That’s what a mom needs to hear)

Mummy Anna K.

Had a great experience with nanny from NannyPro for my infant. I wasn't being able to find a nanny anywhere to cater to my needs but they worked very hard to find me the perfect fit for my home!

Mummy Prinyaka

Very blessed to have found NannyPro. Becky goes way and beyond to understand the family reqirements and make the most possible match. I recommend NannyPro to all my friends and loved ones.

Maxine Vaswani-O'Donnell

Quick response and good service. Becky came over to our place to sort out paperwork and drop our helper off. She takes the time to understand our needs and found us the right match.

Stephanie J Loi

Thanks for all your help we was very happy with how Hema was able to step into help at such short notice and she was very good with our Daughter.


Very grateful to NannyPro for patiently and find the right helper for our family and had bring joy in the family. Thank you.

Fan Jacklyn

Good and promt service from Becky. 🙂 She treats her helpers fairly too 🙂 will engage her again if need new Filipino helper! Highly recommended!

Elsie Lee