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Do you need to meet up with me before I can come onboard as a nanny or babysitter?

Yes, it is compulsory for us to meet up face to face to establish whether you are suitable fit, and importantly to get to you know you personally.

Do I have to do my medical before coming onboard?

Yes, as you are caring for infants and children, it is importantly that you are in your pink of health. For long term nanny, we expect that you keen the immunization record up to date.

Do I still need to do 1st aid if I am already holding a valid certificate?

No, as long as your 1st aid certification is still valid. We will accept it.

Is the in-house basic infant care training compulsory?

We strongly encourage all our onboard nannies to attend our quarterly infant care training. It is an essential and beneficial to keep knowledge and best practices up-to-date.

Can I choose the type of care assignments?

NannyPro respects nanny’s preferred time schedule. We offer full-time, part-time and ad-hoc care assignments. We will try our best to fit depending on distance proximity and time. However, we may not always get a perfect care request. The choosy you are, the harder you get placements.

Am I a staff or an outsourced nanny to family?

You are given the option to be a staff or work with us as a freelancer. We will elaborate more about the options when you join us onboard.

Do I have to travel to client’s place?

Yes, most of the time, you are expected to travel to client’s residence. The caring can be in residential home, hotel, service apartment or corporate functions. NannyPro will brief you in details once you are assigned to care assignment.

What is the average salary of a nanny?

It depends. The salary can be on a gross monthly, or ad-hoc hourly rate. We will share in advance the salary once the care assignment been confirmed.

What is the difference between a nanny & a babysitter?

A nanny works on a longer duration of assignment. Babysitter usually be engaged for an ad-hoc or short term arrangement. See our blog on the characteristics difference between a nanny and a babysitter.

Do I need to do chores as a nanny?

You are required to attend to infant’s basic chores like sterilizing the milk bottles, washing the baby clothes, cleaning up the play area.

What if I meet with a unreasonable family?

If you are met with a difficult situation, do inform your care officer immediately to share your  area of concerns.

How do I solve a conflict with parents if parent’s way of handling the infant differs from what I am being trained or taught?

If it is with regards to the handling of the infants, it is best to hear and respect the parent’s way of child-handling. If it is with regards to a personal conflict, do share the situation with your care officer.

What is the most important criteria to be a nanny?

Commitment to care for a young life