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Yihan Goh
Yihan Goh
8 May 2024
Many thanks Nannypro for having Eva with us. She has really made a great difference to our daughter. She is caring and thorough. Thanks v much!
Martha Winata
Martha Winata
29 April 2024
Our 3-year-old had so much fun with nanny Raihannah. Much recommended service, and very happy to deal with such a professional team. Fast response and straightforward pricing, exactly what I was looking for!
Arthur Pelissier
Arthur Pelissier
29 April 2024
Very professional services. All nanny's that has been assigned to us where well trained. The quotation service was also responsive to find nanny quickly.
Angela Yeh
Angela Yeh
26 April 2024
I highly recommend Nannypro as an agency to connect the best nannies to babies and toddlers - May has done a wonderful job introducing Sally to us. Sally is dedicated, creative, energetic and caring - we are lucky to have her!
Naziha Abou Ezzeddine
Naziha Abou Ezzeddine
20 April 2024
Nanny Joan was very meticulous, responsible, and gentle with our Son. Highly recommended!
Rajesh Gannamani
Rajesh Gannamani
18 April 2024
Nanny sue is very friendly and extremely helpful to ake care of our kids
MJ Lee
MJ Lee
10 April 2024
Thank Lynn for always being active and playing well with the baby. She is passionate and have a good understanding of sleeping training. She handles the baby well.
Bruce Thomson
Bruce Thomson
4 April 2024
We’ve had the pleasure of working with Saras over the last 2 months during our temporary stay in Singapore. Saying goodbye to her will be one of the hardest parts of returning home. In a short time, Saras has come to feel like a member of the family, and our children (ages 2 and 4) absolutely adore her. She is always on time (early even), very energetic, thoughtful, and loving with our kids. She also brings a teacher’s touch - patiently helping our daughter with her “homework.” Saras truly has helped make our time here in Singapore special.
Caroline Bula - Laurent
Caroline Bula - Laurent
18 March 2024
Nanny Lily took care of my 2yo boy for 2 mornings. She arrived perfectly on time, played with him, took him outside, made me discover a new playground. My son enjoyed his time with her. I will call her again, and recommend her. Thank you

Nanny May is very patient and professional in dealing with our family. We are first time parents to a newborn child and mom needed help to take care of our baby during the day since her husband is in an overseas trip. Nanny May is patient in answering our questions for tips in taking care of our baby. She also shared her experience and reassured that our methods are appropriate for our child’s age. She also made sure that she assists me in all baby chores and keeps the baby from crying and being fussy.

Mummy Laarni R.

NannyPro matched us with Nanny Ling for our 9-month-old daughter who was a great fit! D really enjoyed playing with Piah and they became fast friends, with D giggling harder with Piah than with me! I felt safe and comfortable having Piah take care of my daughter while spending time in Singapore and would work with her again next time I’m in the area. NannyPro made it easy to get matched and the process was transparent and efficient. Thanks again!

Daddy James Wang

Nanny Rose was excellent and a great support to our family. We will definitely recommend her as a caregiver for other families.

Daddy Abhishek P.

From the moment she entered our home Nora connected well with our daughter and established a good rapport with us as a family. Nora has such a warm and positive personality. I always hear her giggling when Nora is around. The primary thing we wanted in nanny was for our little one to feel happy, safe and loved. Nora manages to do this and also goes above and beyond. Libby is not yet 18 months and already Nora has taught her to identify say colours, count to 5 and say words like “please” and “thank you”. She helps Libby to try new foods.

Mummy Katherine S.

Dear Isaval, thanks so much for all your help with our baby! We could not have enjoyed our vacation without you. Baby is going to miss all your songs and games

Rashmi Joshi

It has been a wonderful experience. Our toddler loves spending time with her, and she is kind, loving, respectful and very friendly. In fact, we consider her a part of our family now. Thank you NannyPro and Nanny Tracy

Mummy Sneha G.

he kids really like nanny Serene. I fully trust her with the children. She finds a good balance between caring, playing and educating.

Mummy Sophie Lad.

Nanny Syira was great and went above and beyond to take care of my kid.

Mummy Stephany Molina

Such a wonderful experience having nanny Cicero with us, Maddie’s face lights up every time nanny arrives, and they always have the best time together. NannyPro has also been so professional and helpful with every interaction, I would highly recommend them to anyone 🙂

Mummy Lee Davies

Nanny Piah Ling is professional, reliable and so sweet, and gave us a great help during our first month in Singapore. It was for the first time that we take care of an 8-month-old baby and a 3-year-old kid. Ling can find my needs quickly. When she arrived, I were finally able to have a peaceful meal. She also recorded her daily activities and helped us set a daily routine. My son also liked Ling a lot, she taught him finger painting, drawing and English. She is very patient with him, who is such an energetic child, while teaching him to behave right with a sticker reward. Ling is considerate and kind to adjust working time. We all had a great time with Nanny Ling. Highly recommended!

Daddy Chen Hua

Nanny Huda has been looking after our baby for the past 1 year now. She is amazing at engaging our baby with age appropriate activities. She has been great in communicating on Avas schedule, sleep, eating and health. We love receiving photos and videos at the end of the week of what they have done together. Besides nannying, Huda has been fantastic at helping out with baby chores such as the laundry, and leaves us with a stocked freezer so it’s easy for us to prepare meals for the baby when we get home from work.

Mummy Amy G,

Rodelyn is a great caregiver to infants, toddlers and preschoolers. She is a good multi-tasker, has a wonderful work ethic and bonds well with kids of all ages. My children consider her family and so do we!

Daddy Gareth

We would like to send some wonderful feedback about Esa. She is one of the best Nannie’s we have used, so attentive and caring. Punctual, professional and just amazing with the kids. She brought along so many arts and crafts and did some really educational and fun things with them. We trust her completely with our children and they absolutely love her! Thank you

Marie Kouzi

Nanny Sharifah was a great listener and actively engaged with our child.

Mummy Michelle See

From the beginning, it was clear that Nanny Eva brought with her a wealth of experience in infant care, and her caregiving style was suited to our preference. She took to instructions very well and additionally displayed initiative in caring for Ellis. The fact that our baby (who was/is going through a phase of separation / stranger anxiety) took to Nanny Eva.

Mummy Elenor P.

We are so grateful for having you in our lives especially in Pancho's one. We don't have words to express how lucky we were. We will miss you a lot, but we are sure we would meet again.

Mummy Florencia

As first time parents and living away from our home country, we were very nervous about child care options. Nanny Helen has enabled us to feel truly comfortable as we know our daughter is in great hands. Helen is trustworthy, truly enjoys being with children and proactive. She’s helped my husband and I navigate these early years through her experience and openness to help. We can’t recommend her enough and are genuinely sad to have to end this care arrangement. Helen is extremely engaged with Robin - this has allowed them to build a strong, trusting relationship. I feel that Helen enjoys spending time with Robin which puts us at ease.

Mummy Beth H.

Irene has been an excellent nanny who genuinely cares for our baby and makes every effort to care for him. She also communicates well with us and works in partnership for the care of the baby. We recommend her very highly. Very approachable and also established rapport with baby and parents quickly. We are very grateful for Irene and highly commend her for being an excellent nanny.

Goh Yihan

I’m using NannyPro services for a month now and very happy with their services.I have a full time nanny who adores my baby girl and takes care of her with so much passion and love. I can now go to work with peace of mind knowing my girl is in trustworthy hands. Definitely recommend NannyPro to whoever looking for professional help with their kids.

Mummy Irani P.

Our family used NannyPro for a last minute babysitting services for 4 days and really enjoyed having the extra help. The nanny was kind, helpful, and professional. We will definitely be using the service again.

Mummy Jade W.

I would like to compliment Nannypro for all the good service provided, especially sending us a good Educarer Ms Nicia, she is patience, caring and good teaching skill. Thank you

Mr Toh

Helen has been the perfect Nanny for our two children. The way she interacts with both the kids and us as parents is outstanding. She is incredibly creative in planning activities with the kids and our kids just see her as part of the family. She has so quickly gained our trust in being with them on her own. We can highly recommend Helen for assignments as Nanny.

Daddy Matthias P.

Becky and team are thorough, efficient and well versed in understanding the respective needs of their clients. They also make sure that the right match for what the nanny may be looking for to reduce the risk of a mismatch. It helps if you can be specific with your needs so they can be clear right from the start. Having a loving, caring, smart and genuine pair of hands to care for your baby is a blessing in so many ways for a mommy going back to work full time. So thank you for helping us find a lovely nanny and making the transition back to work less stressful for Mommy :)!!!

Mummy Sarah W.

We are very thankful to Nannypro for handling our urgent nanny request promptly and careful selection of nannies to meet our strigent requirements. If, you need well trained nannies, please look for Nannypro.

Daddy Chea Wan

NannyPro is a great company! They made the whole process of selecting a nanny for our daughter very straightforward and transparent, and staff are always very responsive to our questions. The prices they offer are also very competitive with day care centers for families. We have had Nanny Eva watch our 1-year-old daughter for the past two months. She is wonderful and our daughter loves her! She is very attentive, patient, and caring. We highly recommend NannyPro to anyone looking for childcare services in Singapore.

Jessica M

Was hesitant to hire a nanny for the longest time especially since we don’t have any friends or family members who used this service. But I was really fortunate to find Becky. She was efficient to recommend a good nanny. Nanny was really good with kids. Whenever the kids nap, she takes the initiative to help around the house. I’m so glad that we had such a wonderful experience!

Mummy Lydia Lee

Had a great experience with nanny from NannyPro for my infant. I wasn't being able to find a nanny anywhere to cater to my needs but they worked very hard to find me the perfect fit for my home!

Mummy Prinyaka