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Our 5 Step Care Process

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Our Care Process are simple and transparent.

Comfortable to proceed? NannyPro makes our process simple and transparent. As we are in a delicate caregiving service industry, we believe that a personal touch-point is the key element to the entire process. Our Trusted Nannies gives the parents the peace of mind during the committed period of engagement. Do connect with us to find out more.

Here is Our 5 Step Care Process.

1. Express Your Care Requirements.

To find your qualified match, share with NannyPro exactly what you are looking for. Parents provide information about the age & gender of the children, location, hours, schedule, proposed start date and duration of services. Share with us your area of concern or any special requests to take note, eg diet or allergies. Do allow about a min of 2 to 4 weeks for the entire process. We also handle last minute urgent request. However, a higher fee will be applied.

2. We only refer nannies we know.

One of the key concern of parents is to know who you’ll be engaging and the background of our nannies. NannyPro has done a careful & thorough screening by onboarding our nannies . They are all Singaporean, SPR or nannies who holds a valid working pass. They are of all diversity and races. They are not engaged as freelancers or outsourced representatives. They went through all the required and training before we start placing them out with families.

3. Have a trial period.

NannyPro will match the availability of our nannies based on 3 key factors, 1. The nanny’s experience in caring after the requested age group of child  2. An hour of commuting to your parent’s location  3. The daily hours requested. As such, we are only able to assign one or two nanny’s profiles for consideration. Once parents are comfortable to proceed, NannyPro would suggest a 3 days of paid work trial. This allows both parent and nanny to establish the confidence and observe the suitability. The payment of trial is required for confirmation of service before the start of trial. This is to assure parents that our nannies will show up for assignments. In the unforeseen event (eg, unwell or tested covid positive), we will either replace nanny or refund if no suitability. We no longer conduct face-to-face interview, however if you prefer a phone interview before the trial. We are happy to arrange.

4. Agree with our Service Engagement.

Upon a satisfactory work trials, parents can proceed to engage the nanny on a regular permanent working arrangement, NannyPro will provide a service engagement & written work agreement to outline all the key terms and conditions, like salary, daily hours, employment benefits etc. Do agree with all the terms before our nannies start officially with your family. As our nanny is assigned exclusivity to your family during the engagement period, please be clear of the duration of services like short-term (1 to 3 month), regular long-term above 3 month. With the express interest, the engagement will be extended on a rolling month basis.

5. Trust your Nanny & Post Review.

Do allow our nanny some time to establish the routine for your infant and child. ONLY when it involves your child’s safety, we will replace the nanny immediately. We usually follow up closely with our parents & nannies. Do provide us with the feedback if you have any area of concerns.

Trust NannyPro with a Qualified Nanny.

Our Care Process are simple and transparent.

Comfortable to proceed? NannyPro makes our process simple and transparent. As we are in a care service industry, we believe that a key personal touch is still the element to this entire process. Email or Talk to Us.

If you are seeking for other regular arrangement, eg on shorter days or working hours, it can be arranged. Do submit your care request form. We will attend to your care request at the soonest.