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What is a travel nanny?

Travel nannies are childcare providers who are hired specifically engaged by Singaporean or host families stationed overseas for a specific care arrangement eg. confinement care or live-in infant care. These nannies will be briefed in detail and understand their priorities and job scope. These trips can range in length, anywhere from 2 weeks to a max of 3 months. Travel nannies can be an alternative arrangement for families who seek comfort, reliability and assurance to parents overseas.

The reason for a travel nanny

Confinement Care for the mother and the newborn during the post-delivery within the 30 to 60 days period. Confinement nanny acts as a key maternal support to new parents especially if they are stationed abroad with no parental support.

Post-confinement care focusing on newborn care.

Families on vacation.

What should I keep in mind when looking to hire travel nanny?

If you’re hoping to hire a nanny, there are a few key things you’ll want to consider.

First, and most importantly, allow yourself as much time as possible to interview potential travel nannies. We suggest to begin your search at least 2 to 3 months before the date of departure. This will give the nanny of your choice, the opportunity for a work trial day in your home, to see how she interacts with you or establish the mutual relationship. Your nanny will be spending a lot of time with your family, in close quarters, so you want to be sure his or her personality and energy level meshes well with yours.

Once you’ve found the perfect nanny, the next step is to enter into an engagement agreement with NannyPro. This will cover hours on duty, childcare and family assistant responsibilities, compensation, any additional expenses that you will be responsible for, and other trip details. In addition to the monthly salary, most families will pay for the nanny’s travel, meals, accommodations, and the activities she does with your children or the whole family.

Travel arrangement – It will the responsibility of families to arrange for the overseas visa for the travel nanny. NannyPro will assist with the administration and paperwork arrangement like air ticket and travel insurance.

During the course of her stay with you, it’s important to make sure she has sufficient rest, so she doesn’t get burnt out.

The Typical Package or Costs Related to a Travel Nanny

Nanny’s monthly salary varies, subjected to the nature of the responsibilities and the experience of the nanny. It is about an average S$5,500 to S$8,000 depending on season (peak or non-peak) and depend on the destination country where they are traveling to.

NannyPro’s Engagement Fee is flat at S$2,000 and a travel reimbursement of S$500 to cover flu vaccination and ensure nanny's achieve her infant 1st aid certification. The one-time engagement fee will covers the nanny placement match and shortlisting, co-ordination work and administrative.

Other costs involved which families need to cover are round-trip airticket, travel insurance and visa costs. She will be given a full board which include her own room and meals

Do call or send in your email enquiry to request for a quote or to understand the process better.